OzCode Team

We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs with a comprehensive development background and a passion for making coders’ lives easier. OzCode offers a visual and insightful Debugging-as-a-Service (DaaS) that cuts debugging time by half so developers can concentrate on crafting high-quality code. With funding from Rafael Development Corporation and TPY Capital , OzCode has reinvented debugging using innovative, production-ready tools for root cause analysis, collaboration, and real-time bug triage across platforms.


Erez Fliess
Co-founder & CEO

Erez Fliess is the CEO of OzCode. He brings with him 20 years of experience managing

large software development consulting groups and DevOps organizations. He was formerly the CEO of CodeValue, one of the most prestigious software development consulting groups in Israel.

Alon Fliess
Co-founder, Chief Architect, MRD & Azure MVP

Alon is a global authority on multiple technologies and platforms – Cloud Computing,

Windows internals, C++ Windows programming, .NET with C# or C++/(CLI/CX). He is co-author of the Windows 7 Microsoft Training Program and the books Introducing Windows 7 for Developers published by Microsoft Press. For his proven expertise and community leadership, Alon was awarded Microsoft Regional Director (MRD) and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP VC++) status. As a result Alon is an in-demand speaker on these subjects at major international conferences such as TechEd Europe, TechEd USA, NDC and more.

Omer Raviv
Co-founder & CTO

Omer Raviv is a founder and CTO of OzCode. Omer is a world-renowned debugging expert

and frequently talks about debugging and software quality at conferences and .NET user groups around the world. Before OzCode, Omer was a software engineer at Philips Medical, working on a Rule Engine system which powered Philips’ latest CT scanning technology. Prior, he was a commander at the IDF 8200 unit, focusing on data warehousing and BI technologies.